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DTecH IT Education Reviews 2015

DTecH IT Education reviews

Dear Friends, All Reviews written here are 100% Genuine and were provided by our Students on our Testimonial/Feedback Forms after the batches. We keep the hard copies of the same and is available for any customers to review.



Name : Ambady Chandran
Email: ambadychandran@gmail.com
About Trainer: Very Good
About Training: Very Good training
About DTecH: Good Institution.
Overall rating: 8/10


Name: Abhirup Roy
Course: PL-SQL
About Trainer: John is one of the most friendly and happy to explain trainer, I have seen so far in IT education. His deep & vast knowledge helped us to dive into the oracle technology with firm understanding Thank you John for being such a great trainer.
About Training: The training quality is really very good. It covers the complete band of knowledge requirement with the will structured course flow and hands on experience approach of training I am really happy and confident about clearing certification exam.
About DTecH: I am really glad that I took the PL-SQL 120-144 certifications training from DTecH As it says it really is the best training facility in Bangalore for Oracle technology without buring your pocket. Thanks DTecH All the best!!
Overall rating: 9.5/10


Name: Chandra Sekhar Y
Course: PL-SQL
Email: ycsnaidu@gmailcom
About Trainer: Very friendly and encouraging
About Training: Good for those who want to know real concepts.
About DTecH: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10


Name: Sandeep Roy | Course: MS SQL DBA | Email: sandeeproy239[at]gmail.com

About trainer: He is good and holds good knowledge.
About training: The training was helpful.
About DTecH: The facility provided was good for the class.
Overall rating: 7/10

Name: Shreyas R | Course: MS SQL DBA | Email: 2007shreyas[at]gmail.com
About trainer :Dathuraj holds good hands on experience on SQL server and he explained the topic in an understanding manner & with relevant and real time examples.
About training: Training so far is good and has cleared my requirements.
About DTecH: Good Infra for training.
Overall rating: 7/10

Name: Subhash K R (PL- SQL batch) | Email: subhashbhatt290[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Trainer was excellent. He has very good knowledge on PL-SQL and he taught us in such a way that helps to understand the concepts easily.
About training: Training was really good after completion of the course filling like going with carrying PL-SQL knowledge.
About Dtech: dtech is one of the good training center to both freshers and experienced person. It helps to get Oracle certification.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Sneha A N(PL- SQL batch) | Email:sneha.nagaraj16[at]gmail.com
Review: Found the course very helpful.
About Trainer: Was easy to follow the teaching method excellent.
About training: Excellent.
About DTech: Excellent.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Girish(PL- SQL batch) | Email: girishjvemulkar[at]gmail.com
About trainer: Trainer was good and excellent knowledge on Pl-SQL. Enjoyed learning with him.
About training: Training here is best and gained lots of experience on PL-SQL. Had a good amount of exposure practically with perfect hands-on examples given in class.
About Dtech: Nice platform provided for experienced people to know how to improve their knowledge on taking course.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Shanto Paul (DBA Batch) | Email: shantopaul.shan[at]gmail.com
About trainer: Good.
About training: He covers all the session what we want to face in a firm.
About dtech: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Nithin Thomas(DBA Batch) | Email: Homasnithin[at]live.in
About trainer: Our trainer was arjun sir. He explained in details to the subject, more than subject he gave us a experience on the live environment and real time
About training: It was good and asset to the future.
About dtech: good
Overall rating:7/10

Name: Sahithi(Informatic batch) | Email: sahithiduddilla23[at]gmail.com
About trainer: With abundant skills and knowledgable person.
About training: Helpful
About DTecH: would recommend to others.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Krishna Das (Informatic batch) | About trainer: Good.
About training Good.
About DTecH: Good.
Overall rating: Good/10

Name: Charles(Informatic batch) | Email: Charles.pkc[at]gmail.com
Review: Excellent
About trainer: Knowledge able person, very helpful & kind.
About training: Learning the expected course.
About DTecH: Good place for DB’s.
Overall rating:10/10

Name: Deepak Abraham (SQL Batch) | Email: deepak.abraham20[at]gmail.com
About trainer: skilled, cooperative, taking topics with real time examples.
About training: Providing all documents.
About DTecH: Good
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name: Sumeet Verma(SQL Batch) | Email: sumeetverma49[at]gmail.com
Review: Good
About trainer: Technically sound, very good practical knowledge and the way of explaining things are very nice and in a ordered manner.
About training: In a very balanced way. Both theory and practical classes were there.
About DTecH: I have attended couple of course here and it’s a best institute for oracle course
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Alka Gandhi (SQL Batch) | Email: alkagandhi35.ag[at]gmail.com
Review: very good
About trainer: Supportive, helpful, learned a lot of things from him.
About training: Good.
About DTecH: Woderful experience.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Revathi (SQL Course) | Email:revathi667[at]gmail.com
Review: Good.
About trainer: Good. More practical experiments. Undergone. Depth in knowledge.
About training: Good.
About Dtech: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name: Manick(SQL Course) | Email:vmanick105[at]gmail.com
Review: Good.
About trainer: Very good in concepts, giving some practical examples other than the syllabus.
About training: -
About Dtech: -
Overall rating: 9/10.

Name: M siva Chidambaram(SQL Course)  | Email: cvachidambaram[at]gmail.com
About trainer: I would like to say his training is good. Easy to understand, repeatedly gives some example it’s very much useful and every session give real time &
interview tips.
About training: The material and teach is very good.
About Dtech: Good to learn more stuffs.
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name : Keerthi Akkineni (Informatica batch) | Email: siriakkineni1691[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Was helpful and patience enough to explain twice or thrice.
About training: Excellent training.
About Dtech: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name :Gagan H R (Informatica batch) | Email: gagan2089[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Good
About training: It was good.
About dtech: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name: Ashish Kumar Sahoo(Informatica batch) | Email:ashish.silu[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Trainer was very good, liked his attitude towards the associates.
About training: training was good, but was not satisfied as per the expectation. Thought to have a proper development work space, but still I cannot say I am done
Overall rating: 7/10.

Name: M Naveen Sundar. (Informatica batch) | Email: naveensundar1112[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Good. Made classes interesting.
About training: Good. Expected few more days of training.
About Dtech: Good. Value for money.
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name: Rajashree sahoo. (Informatica batch) | Email: sahoo.rajashree[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Good
About training: It can be improved by giving few classes on basic sql+unix
About dtech: Good can be improved.
Overall rating: 7/10.

Name: A Mohammed Faheem(UNIX Batch) | Email: faheem.mohammed94[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Coaching is good. Way of explaining the subject is nice. I really learnt my things.
Thanks to DTecH Education for providing good knowledge on UNIX commands for further studies.
Overall rating: 9.5 /10

Name: Varun Koppana(UNIX Batch)  | Email: varunkoppana41[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: In DTecH IT Education we learn the course while practicing in the class that makes students to understand and remember which will be useful in real time
scenario. In my future I could do my best because of training DTecH IT Education. Thankful to DTecH and wish to have same service provided and maintained for the
future student.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Lakshmi M(UNIX Batch) | Email: sriilakshmi.miriyam[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good Knowledge on – commands & Shell scripting.
DTecH is one of the best institute who will provide very good trainers who are having very good real time experience.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Prashanth (Informatica batch) | Course: Informatica
Email: kprashi.12[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Very well organized course. The trainer was well experienced and taught the concept very well. No classes were missed out and started on time. Overall a
good experience.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Sudhanshu Kulkarani(Informatica batch) | Email: sudhanshu.kulkarni[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Very nice experience for learning new technology. The faculty Ankit Gupta was very nice knowledgeable, Explanatory, enthusiastic. The duration of this
course should be more to cover the topics with more case studies and depth.
Overall rating: 8/10 

Name: Gopinath B(Informatica batch) | Email: gopi1027[at]live.com
Testimonial: This is my first technical training. I hope this will help my career. Also I can suggest this training to my friends. Trainer is teaches us a lot and he
has got very good knowledge and real time Industrial needs.
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Name: Jestin Thomas (Informatica batch) | Email: jestinthomas650[at]gmail.com
Got real time hands on Informatica 9.5, which was very useful also had a better understanding of Data warehousing and SQL queries. Course was really useful and helped
a lot in enhancing the knowledge and getting to know the current market needs.
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Name: Mohit Sharma(PL-SQL Batch) | Email: mohitsharma164[at]yahoo.com
Testimonial: Instructor was excellent had a good knowledge on concepts.
Overall rating: 10/10.

Name: Chidanand S M(PL-SQL Batch) | Email: smchidanand[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Mandeep Singh (PL-SQL Batch) | Email: mandeep479[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Satisfied with the training and overall course content however some live environment would be better.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name : Arnab Guha(RAC batch) | Email: arnabguha.dba[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: Practicle portion is good .
About training: Training & Lab are good.
About Dtech: Assistance is very good.
Overall rating: 6/10.

Name: Sarath(RAC batch) | Email: s.saraths[at]gmail.com
About Trainer: He is a good trainer. Understands clearly.
About trainings: Training was good.
About dtech: -
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Nesamani R (DBA Batch) | Email: nesam123[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good training with real time scenario to make me to work in real time
environment as a trained DBA.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Tity Kurian(DBA Batch) | Email: titytk007[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Ramesh Kumar C R (DBA Batch) | Email: rameshcr.kumar[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Great Job. Keep it going.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Sree Lakshmi M(SQL Batch) | Email:sreelaksmi.miviyam[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good teaching skills. Good SQL knowledge.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Sowmya Sathush (SQL Batch) | Email: sowmya.salian27[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Priyanka Raha K (SQL Batch) | Email: priyanka.raha18[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Name: Selva Ramesh Kanna (SQL Batch) | Email: rameshkannaselva[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: K Varun(SQL Batch) | Email: varunkoppana41[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Service is good. Nothing to improve maintain this service.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: J Mary Gold(SQL Batch) | Email: marygoldcse[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good knowledge in SQL . Good teaching skills.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Gireraj A R (DBA Batch) | Email:argireraj[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Great training and I would give 10/10 for the training provided by the trainer. Hands on training was also given. It would be better if we get a chance to
do more hands on training. Bur the time duration is too limited, hope it gets increased.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Vadivel chinnasamy(DBA Batch)  | Email: vadivel.ind[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: The class was very good to understand. I feel happy to be taken OCA course under
DTecH education.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Syam Raj K(DBA Batch) | Email: syamrajk[at]live.com
Testimonial: Professionally experienced faculty. Good material. Need more time for practical/hands on session time was just enough for lecture only.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Abinav Sareen(DBA Batch) | Email: abhinav.sareen[at]outlook.com
Testimonial: Course material is really good. Trainers are very experienced and all the session were very detailed.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: M Vani Hari Priya(DBA Batch) | Email: vanimudadla[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Pavan N M ( OBIEE Batch) | Email: pavanece23[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good trainer with experience in real time scenario.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Naveen Prakash ( OBIEE Batch) | Email: naveenpanickar[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good Basic exposure been provided. Session were much interactive in content deliverance. Could have been much more effective if practical lab session also be integrated within the course.
Overall rating: 5/10

Name: Krishnachandra Mirajakar( OBIEE Batch) | Email: smshreyansh[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Overall it was good training but practical knowledge was not there. Please arrange practical classes for next batches which will give more knowledge.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Ashwin Keskar (OBIEE Batch) | Email: ashwin.keskar[at]outlook.com
Testimonial: The trainer was highly knowledgeable. He had a good experience in the domain.
Shared a lot of practical approaches.
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Name: Vibhav Vyas(OBIEE Batch) | Email: vibgyan[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: it was a good experience taking a class of OBIEE at DTecH.
Trainer was good and covered all the topics with good examples.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Devendra Prasad(OBIEE Batch) | Email: dprasadme[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Janardhana Reddy A(OBIEE Batch) | Email: janamca05[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Way of teaching was excellent. Explain theoretically with examples.
Overall was good.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Royal Ojha(OBIEE Batch) | Email: royalojha[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good practical demos and explanation.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Prasad B (DBA Batch) | Email: prasadrlc2020[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: DTecH have very good infrastructure for training good and experienced faculty, good document. But it’s better if you provide dumps related to certifications and better if you have more class rooms with more capacity.
Overall rating: 9/10.

Name: Krishna Kumar(DBA Batch) | Email: krishdx.kle[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: I guess a wonderful way of teaching impressed with the facilities.
Follow up still needed if possible to improve the lab facilities.
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name: Gautham K (DBA Batch) | Email: gautham5018[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Over all course duration was good. All needed infrastructure like labs for the ongoing classes. Trainer knowledge over the technology was very good and helped has to gain more in sight on the course.
Overall rating: 9/10.

Name: Chittaranjan Dalai(DBA Batch) | Email: chittaranjan.dalai[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: The trainer was good. 
Overall rating: 8/10.

Name: R Satheeskumar(DBA Batch) | Email: satheeskumar011[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Course teaching well and good.
Overall rating: 7/10.

Name: Abdullah Omer Balla Ibrahim (SQL Batch) | Course: UNIX Shell Scripting.
Email: abdullah-balla[at]hotmail.com
Testimonial: Very good course and the institute staffs are helpful.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Ajeet S(SQL Batch) | Course: UNIX Shell Scripting
Email: helloajeet[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Rahul Gurjar(SQL Batch) | Course: UNIX Shell Scripting
Email: rahulgurjar11[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Chandrahas yadav (RAC Batch) | Email: chandrahasdv[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good experience to learn RAC. But little bit less time to acquire it.
We need some extra sessions.
Overall rating: 7/10

Name: Raghunath D (RAC Batch) | Email: ragu_teddy[at]live.com
Testimonial: Good. If possible, it would be good if one more class is arranged for discussing
Performance problems in RAC database.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Hariom Singh (RAC Course) | Email: hariomsingh553[at]gmail.cmo
Testimonial: Overall Good.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Viji Balan(RAC Batch) | Email: vijibalan[at]yahho.com
Testimonial: Overall very good. Excellent Practical aspect to RAC Installation & Admin Side.
Overall rating: 9.5/10

Name: Anitha(SQL Batch) | Email: anitha.j.[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: All the topics were clearly explained. He could gain the knowledge on the course easily.The communication was good. All the information along with the
examples are clear.
Overall rating; 10/10

Name: S D Pathma Pooja(SQL Batch) | Email: pathma.sathravad[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Topics explained were very clear and the real time examples given were easy to understand. I would like to do further courses in DTecH.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: M Divya dharani(SQL Batch) | Email: mdivyadharani[at]yahoo.com
Testimonial: I have learnt more about SQL. All the topics are taught clearly.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Pradeep Kumar L(SQL Batch) | Email: pradeepkumar.cris[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: The materials/ course- content provided are phenomenal. The trainer has a sound Knowledge in the subject and a skill of delivering it in a understandable
way. I prefer this to all as this Institute is the best gateway for the oracle certification.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Mohan Reddy N(SQL Batch) | Email: mohan.manu[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good coaching guide, His teaching way is superb.And also please refer other comments from our batch guys.
Overall rating: 10/10.

Name: Vikesh(SQL Batch) | Email: vikesh.viji[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: We had a good training & Ashu teaching was good.His way of presenting & questioner session was great. “Good Job”.
Overall rating: 10/10.

Name: Pavan Gani(SQL Batch) | Email: pavangani076[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: We had a good teaching friendly and responsive teacher.We learned all the topics with doubts. (Select name “Good-teaching” from Dtech edu).
Overall rating: 10/10.

Name: Anju Pratheesh(SQL Batch) | Email: anjupratheesh26[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good teaching.
Overall rating: 9/10.

Name: Timmanna V Paraddi(SQL Batch) | Email: puutu.paraddi[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Training is excellent.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Chaitra Belgal(SQL Batch) | Email: belgalchaitra[at]yahoo.co.in
Testimonial: Very interactive class. All doubts were cleared properly.Practical sessions helped a lot to understand concepts, Examples covered were good.Trainer is
really good.
Overall rating : 9/10

Name: Deepak. SM(SQL Batch) | Email: dpksm10[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: The instructor was good and has knowledge about the subject. He gives a clean idea about topics. I feel a little more time should be given. For practical
also in the class. All the DTecH employees are friendly.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Arunprabhu ( PLSQ Batch) | Email: varunprabhu.Mca7[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Teaching is good. Class timing what I requested that have provided. Real time example you have provided for both sql and plsql is useful to me.Doubts have
been clarified. We need more advice about the certification.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Priyanka pahade. ( PLSQ Batch) | Email: priyanka.pahju[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Explanations are good. Details understood in a easy way.Need more examples. Need more small assignments & practice questions for each topics.
Overall rating: 8/10