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DTecH - Course related FAQs

1. What is the process for registering for a course?

Registration, by paying 25% of total fees is mandatory for all courses and all batches on or before the Last day of registration we put up in the site or as informed by our consultants.

2. Why do you follow a registration process when other training providers allow you to come and pay on batch start date?

We work on a different business model compared to other training providers. Our trainers are consultant Professionals with 8-15 years of work experience. They are experts and very expensive. So we have a minimum target for each batch such that we could  afford them. We are unable to start a batch without enough students. Hence we collect registration fee from potential students to confirm and fix the batch dates.

3. What will you do if the target is not met and you cannot start a batch?

We come up with a batch based on the total number of registrations received  for each course. Hence our batch dates are tentative and could be postponed if we could not reach the target number of audience. However we do not postpone any batches for more than 1 or 2 weeks. We will be constantly informing the students and asking their willingness to postpone the batch dates for 1 more week. If students are not interested in postponing we are ready to pay the refund 90%-100% on a case to case basis. If the batch gets cancelled from our side then we pay 100% fee back to the customer.

4. Why are some of your courses so expensive compared to other training providers?

We believe that it is pointless to reduce the depth of topics or duration to make the course cheap and have a participant who has completed the course, but not able to work on the technology he/she learned.

Furthermore experienced trainers don't come cheap, their time is valuable and we pay them well so they focus on delivering good knowledge to the students and ensure the quality of training.

It makes complete sense for the student to pay a little bit extra for this assured quality and indepth learning, otherwise their entire investment on the course will prove to be futile.