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Course Description

SQL Server DBA training provides knowledge and skills to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server database. The course focuses on teaching individuals to use SQL Server product features and tools related to maintaining a database. You will be confident to perform SQL Server dba and maintenance as their primary area of responsibility, or work in environments where databases play a key role in their primary job.

Syllabus - Sql Server DBA Training in Bangalore

SQL DBA Training Course pre-requisites:

Basic knowledge of SQL Server or any DBMS is recommended

SQL Server DBA Training Duration:

Weekend Batches: 25 hours/ 3 hours per day
Weekday Batches: 25 hours/ 2 hours per day

SQL DBA Training Timings:

Weekend Batches: 8AM or 11 AM or 2 PM
Weekday Batches: 8 AM

SQL DBA Course Trainer Profile:

Certified & Well experienced real time SQL server professional working with leading MNC.

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SQL DBA training Availability:

Weekend & Weekday trainings available

SQL Server DBA Training Lab & Practice:

High End Servers & Setups available for Lab practice

SQL Server DBA Training Course Topics:

I. Installing and Configuring SQL Server
Preparing to Install SQL Server 2008/2012
Installing SQL Server 2008/2012
Configuring a SQL Server Installation
Management Studio (SSMS) Tool Usage
Server Components and Purpose
Firewall Options and Instance Rules
Service Accounts, Purpose and Usage

Lab: Installing and Configuring SQL Server
Installing SQL Server
Configuring SQL Server

II. Database Design Concepts
SQL Server Database Architecture
Database Catalog and Storage Options
Data Files : Purpose and Storage
Filegroups : Purpose and Usage
Log files : Purpose and Audits
Use of Transaction Log Files
Sizing and Placement - Data Files
Sizing and Placement - Log Files
Locations and Sizing Recommendations
Filegrowth and MAXSIZE Options
Scripting Database Structures
Database ALTERs and Considerations
Placement of Files and Filegroups

Creating and Managing Databases
Creating Files and FileGroups
Database Options

Lab: Managing Databases and Files
Creating a Database
Monitoring and Managing Filegroup Usage

Planning a Database Backup Strategy
Backups Concept and Mechanism
Backups Usage and Limitations
Backing Up a User Database
Partial Backups with Filegroups
Restoring User Databases
Restores for Partial Online Databases
Recovering Data from Database Snapshots
System Databases and Disaster Recovery

Lab: Disaster Recovery
Implementing a Backup Strategy
Restoring and Recovering a Database
Performing Piecemeal Backup and Restore Operations
Restoring the Master Database

Overview of SQL Server Security
SQL Server Security Authentication
Server Level Security and Logins
Database Level Security Users
Schemas and User Mappings - Usage
Server Level Roles and Usage
Database Level Roles and Usage
DB Certificates and Master Keys
Data Level Security and Encryptions

Lab: Managing Security
Creating Logins and Assigning Server-Scope Permissions
Creating Database Users and Assigning Database-Scope and Schema-Scope Permissions
Implementing SQL Server Audit

Overview of Data Transfer
Import & Export Operations
Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services

Lab: Transferring Data
Using the Import/Export Wizard
Performing a Bulk Load
Creating an SSIS Solution

Automating Administrative Tasks in SQL Server
Using SQL Server Agent
Creating Maintenance Plans
Implementing Alerts
Managing Multiple Servers
Managing SQL Server Agent Security

Lab: Automating Administrative Tasks
Configuring SQL Server Agent
Creating Operators and Jobs
Creating Alerts

Viewing Current Activity
Using SQL Server Profiler
Monitoring with DMV’s
System base tables for monitoring Performance
Extended Events explained

Lab: Monitoring SQL Server
Monitoring SQL Server Activity
Tracing SQL Server Activity
Working on DMV’s and DMF’s
Implementing Extended Events

Download Syllabus - Sql Server DBA Training in Bangalore

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Testimonials from students 2016:

Name: Asish K D | Course: SQL DBA | Email: db*****
Trainer is very good in SQL server. He always try to make us comfortable to understand the scenarios. Training was very good. I really enjoyed the class. Dtech also very good institute where we can learn in a very good way our course.
Overall rating: 9/10


Name: Sobin M | Course: SQL DBA | Email: ma*****
Trainer has very good exposure and experience in the subject. Able to explain things effectively.
Good training and institute.
Overall rating: 8/10


Name: Sineesh M | Course: SQL DBA | Email: m****
Training is good , with explaining the stuff both practical session and theory.
Overall rating: 8/10

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