DTecH IT Education Reviews 2014

DTecH IT Education reviews

Dear Friends, All Reviews written here are 100% Genuine and were provided by our Students on our Testimonial/Feedback Forms after the batches. We keep the hard copies of the same and is available for any customers to review.


Name: Sourabh Langer (DBA Batch) | Email: sourabh1023n[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: The training was very inspiration, energetic beginning lot of knowledge with sudheer and in depth knowledge together with care studying learning from
experience and being fully practice oriented, well balanced composition of participants with contributes to listen and found discussion and exchange.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Sakthi Vishu (DBA Batch) | Email:sakthivishnu.gsv[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Had a great time with you
Overall rating: 7/10

Name: Deepak(DBA Batch) | Email: deepakaugustine[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 7/10

Name : Chaluva Kumar H (DBA Batch) | Email: kumar.chaluva[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Bibekananda Behera(P-SQL Batch) | Email: bibek.anand25[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: It’s really good to learn PLSQL in Dtech.The facility and the knowledge of trainer is excellent. Really appreciated.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: Pooja (P-SQL Batch) | Email: poojak892[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Excellent coaching. Very Good knowledge and explained all concept clearly.Best coaching I’ve ever come across.
Overall rating: 10/10

Name: EV Ramakrishna (SQL Batch) | Email: rama.eturn[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: My Experience about the training by the trainer is that he has a lucid style of concept presentation to the point giving inputs, notes wherever required
for certification. He is sound in his subject & professional in his approach. To submit all, it was a real- time training which I aspired for. Thank you very much.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name: Kishore Kumar (SQL Batch) | Email: kishore040ece[at]gmail.com
Overall rating: 8/10

Name: Shraddha (DBA Batch) | Email: shraddha.tech1[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Training was good. Trainer has explained practical scenarios for our questions. Trainer is having good subject knowledge and he was able explain all the
queries asked by us.

Name : Madhusmitha Chakraborty(DBA Batch) | Email: madhusmita.chakraborty[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Session what we have attended here was good, Trainer has very good knowledge on the subject. He was able to clear our doubts.
Overall rating: 7/10

Name: Nanthakumar K C (OBIEE July batch) | Email : nandy.sap09[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Good Place to take an OBIEE Training.
Overall rating : 8/10

Name: Shafeeq Mohammed Ali (OBIEE July batch) | Email: smav2k[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : An Ideal place to start training in Oracle.
Overall rating: 6/10

Name: Santosh Hiremath (OBIEE July batch) | Email: san.math20[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Training was very good

Name: Vedhanathan
Email: vedhait[at]gmail.com (OBIEE July batch) | 
Testimonial: Good place to take Oracle Training.

Name : Anusuya Devi S | Email: anu.ceo07[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Trainer for SQL is very good who clarifies all doubts and whom we feel so comfortable. Has good knowledge and explains everything in an easy way so that
everyone can understand . Overall a good experience and looking for some more good course to Join.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name : Saurabh Shukla (RAC batch) | Email: saurabhjsshukla[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Initially I was a bit confused to take class apart for Oracle Institute. But now I can say its best Institute apart for Oracle University for 11g R2 Rac.
Trainer has excellent knowledge and the way the explain is Really Wao..
Overall rating: 10/10

Name : Dhandapani P (RAC batch) | Email: dhandapanip-mse[at]yahoo.com
Testimonial : Will come back on the Advance DBA Course.
Overall rating : 10/10

Name: Avinash B (RAC batch) | Email: avisullaia[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Good Experience with the faculty for RAC. Good Practical Materials provided.
Overall rating : 6/10

Name : Sreevathasa M (RAC batch) | Email : Vathsa.ms[at]gmail.com
Overall rating : 10/10

Name : Abhishek Jhanwar (RAC batch) | Email: abhishekjhanwr[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Trainer was having superb Knowledge, was a right decision to join DTech after being skeptical.
Overall rating : 9/10

Name : Ashutosh D (RAC batch) | Email: aashutosh.dubey4[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Training is Excellent.

Name : Akanksha Alreja (Informatica) | Email : alreja93[at]yahoo.in
Testimonial: It was a great Experience studying. Being a DTech student , they cleared my doubts.
Overall rating: 7/10

Name: Sathish P.C (Informatica)  | Email: sathishprathap2003[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Informatica class was very good. Trainer has through knowledge and provided actual scenario while going through each session.
Overall rating: 8/10

Name : M Sreelakshmi (Informatica) | Email: sreelakshmi.miriyan[at]gmail.com
Overall rating : 8/10

Name: Shruti Singh (Informatica) | Email: singhshruthi100[at]yahoo.com
Testimonial : Good Coverage of topics
Overall rating : 7/10

Name : Uthara R Nair (SQL batch)
E-mail :uthararnair[at]gmail.com
Testimonial : Providing time to ask any doubts, Trainer has a thorough knowledge about the topic , one to one committed .
Overall rating: 8/10

Name : Zeeshan Bhandari (SQL batch)
E-mail :jb.zeeshan[at]gmail.com
Testimonial: Improved my knowledge and made me confident.
Overall rating: 9/10

Name : Pallavi kumari A (SQL batch)
E-mail :kpallavi.mishra[at]yahoo.com
Testimonials : Overall my experience was good .Trainer and all were always there to help me out. Special thanks for Ashutosh and Jeny to help me out in my ways.
Wishing you very best in future. I felt you could add project on SQL too.
Overall rating: 9/10

Kunal Kumar kunalmodi7[at]gmail.com
Got a very good training from a trainer and hope it will be helpful in my future careers . Really interesting , Tool &trainer as well as institutes. Coming from a
testing background and learning about a development tool is a challenging task. But still DTecH IT Education has helped a lot . Thanks!!.
Overall rating: 9/10

Cherry Malik cherry.malik14[at]gmail.com
We got real-time examples for all the concepts. We got proper hands - on facilities . Trainers are open to solving doubles and queries.
Overall rating : 7/10

Khushboo Tomar tomarkushboo11[at]gmail.com
Sessions are good and were very helpful. Classes are knowledgeable and will be helping us in building our carrier in informatica domain.
Overall rating : 8/10

Name : Anoop Michael (3 day corporate batch)
E-mail :anoop_micheal[at]swiesre.com
Testimonial: The training was good and John explained the SQL concepts very well, in simple terms. The queries were well answered and explained .It would have been
good if we can intend the training sessions to higher levels of SQL query writing.
Overall rating :- 8

Name : Swathi Shanmukhan (3 day corporate batch)
E-mail :swathi_shanmukhar[at]swisre.com
The program was well structured and conducted well. With plenty of practice sessions, to get on hang of actual application. Very interactive session .Overall enjoyed
the three day of learning experience.
Overall rating: - 9

Name : Thimmaiah G.N (3 day corporate batch)
Email : gaganthimmaiah[at]gmail.com
Testimonials : It was a very well-paced training sessions for 3days where we learnt about SQL and it really helps us in our prof