We could not deny the fact that stains, molds, bacteria, fungi, conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes, and other elements can make our bathroom dirty and prone to diseases. As the owner, we want to get rid of them immediately. However, removing those elements from our shower grout is not easy. There are instances that scrubbing and bleaching are not enough. We may get the desired clean look of our bathroom in a single day, and on the following day, it will go back to its untidy look and will surely stress us out as the owner. But, we should not worry anymore since if you plan to get rid of the elements that might damage your bathroom, bulletproofing your shower is the best thing to do. In bulletproofing, you need to hire experts and professionals to ensure that it is well-done and when we talk about experts and professionals in bulletproofing, hiring from our company Lanarkshire tilers is the wisest decision to make. We have the best service like no other! 

Have you asked yourself why shower grout is difficult to clean? If yes, then do you have answers to your question? If none, then this article will help you. Most of the grouts that are used in bathrooms are prone to stains and mold-growth. It has low-resistance to fungi and molds. There are cases that once the harmful elements penetrate to the surface of the grout, you will face difficulties in removing them. Some bathroom owner opted to use bleach and detergents to remove the stains but results in much porous surface and untidy appearance. But, as technology develops from time to time, the best solution to this has arrived as well. Well, to perfect solution to this problem is regrouting and bulletproofing your shower to prevent stains, bacteria, and mold-growth.  

Do you have any idea about bulletproofing your shower? If none, then keep in touch with this article.  

Bulletproofing is striking in the market at this moment because of its excellent feedbacks. It is the best way to prevent stains, bacteria, and molds from invading your grouts in your bathroom. With the use of epoxy grout, everything is convenient and safe for you. However, the major complication is that you need to hire experts and professionals to do the job. Epoxy grout installation is not as easy as you think since only experts can perform it excellently. Installation requires skillful experts due to its fast curing time. In mixing the epoxy grout, you also need focus and skills for precision. The first step in bulletproofing is getting rid of the old grout in your shower using a high-quality machine. You also have to worry about the color of the epoxy grout since there are varieties of colors that you can freely choose. The next step to take is mixing and installing epoxy in your bathroom. After that, installing a sanitized silicone on all joints will be done. You can then enjoy your stain-free, mold-free, and bacteria-free bathroom! There are many benefits of regrouting the tiles in your bathroom with epoxy grout. It can resist chemicals, stains and will not damage by usual household cleaning products.