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UNIX Essentials for DBAs and Developers

 unix essentials training Bangalore

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This instructor-led course provides the basic skills and knowledge for developers new to UNIX operating system through hands-on exercises. 

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of computers and operating systems.

Mode: Both Online & Classroom Based courses available

Duration: Total 8 hours (2 hours per day x 2 days)

Setup required:

Laptop or Desktop with the software Putty installed.
Students will be able to connect to our server and practice.

Course Materials: Text books provided along with the course.

Course topics:

Part 1.a – UNIX Essentials (Basics)

Day 1

I - Introduction to UNIX

  • What is UNIX?
  • Connecting to a UNIX server
  • Logging in/Logging out
  • The Architecture
  • The Kernel
  • The Shell
  • Files systems
  • File structure and Directories
  • Basic Directory Terms
  • Devices and file systems
  • Portioning and formatting disks

Essential user level commands

  • ls
  • ls -l
  • ls -a
  • ls -lt
  • ls -ltr
  • ls –lhtr
  • cd
  • mkdir
  • rmdir
  • rm
  • rm -rf
  • touch
  • pwd
  • mv
  • cp
  • cat
  • more
  • head
  • tail

Part 1.b – UNIX Essentials (Admin level)

Day 2

VI Editor

Editor modes
Create and save files.
Open and modify files.
Copy contents
Search inside file

Commands for finding files and text within files

find, grep, which

Commands for Decompress files

tar, gunzip, bunzip2

Commands for Compress files

tar, gzip, bzip

Commands for starting and stopping

startx, shutdown, reboot
init – run levels

Commands for mounting file systems

-          mount hard disk
-          mount cdrom
-          mount usb drives

Partitioning and formatting file systems

fdisk          - How to work with fdisk utility?

Commands for User and group Administration

groupadd, useradd, passwd, who, whoami, ,su, exit

Commands for processes

ctrl+z, ctrl+c, ps, kill

Commands for Networking
hostname, ifconfig, ping, traceroute

Commands for System Information – Admin level

uname, cp, df, du, lspci, lsusb, free, top,

Remote connections, ftp and others

sftp, ssh

 Click here to download the detailed Syllabus
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